Aragon EL

Aragon EL


Highest quality components: electronic parts and long lasting buttons. Both - specially developed and designed for the Aragon - give the unit outstanding reliability and life long satisfaction for the customer.

You will enjoy great pleasure with the Aragon.

EL models have a new powerful electronic conreol that makes the difference to the Limited and Micro Edition.

Instead of a two-stage suction and fixed platter speed the new electronics offers programmable cleaning and suction and this allows partially automatic operation of cleaning cycles. Optimum values are programmed at the factory but can easily be changed. Reducing down to 1-2 revolutions per minute gives perfect suction results at 30% power in comparison to the Limited or Micro Edition running at 70-100%. Even so the record is dry after only one rev. Change of rotating direction now has soft start and stop. This all results in enhanced ease of use with less risk of operating error.

Lower power on the turbine in connection with an modified air guide as well as dampening of the chassis result in further significant reduction of noise. Our cleaners are known to be the quietest ones in the market. The optimised suction tube allows higher air flow with less turbine power and gives far better suction resulting in better cleaning results. As a spin-off you get less friction of the velvet lips causing far less static electricity.

This new electronics does not only give you better results in cleaning. It further increases lifetime of all parts of the cleaner and preserves your records.