Langevin Dual Vocal Combo

The Langevin Dual Vocal Combo is a 2 channel microphone preamplifier with 2 shelf equalizers plus 2 channels of electro-optical limiters. The combo is the result of suggestions from our customers to combine two of the most popular Langevin products and make the price irresistible, half the price of the VOXBOX® combo in fact, for 2 channels of great sounding all discrete channel strips. Seem interesting? This includes VU meters, individual phantom power, limiter linking and time proven circuitry. This is an ideal box for musicians and engineers on a budget and is equally at home in a big league studio, mobile recording truck, or live gig. It has the reliability, functionality, and the sound without the any of the complexity - the essential features without the "sea of knobs." Easy on the wallet, easy to use.

The Mic Preampsare transformer coupled (hand wound by Manley Labs) with 50 dB of gain provided by pure discrete transistor circuits, same as found in the stand-alone Langevin Dual Micpre. 48 volt phantom power can be applied to each input XLR independently and the switches are a locking type to prevent accidents. New to this unit are the front panel 1/4" Direct Instrument inputs. A new little discrete circuit from our tech Paul Fargo gives these inputs an appropriate input impedance (150 kOhms) and provides about 40 dB of gain.

The Equalizersare comprised of a low frequency shelf that can be switched to either 40 Hz or 80 Hz and a high frequency shelf that can be set for 8 KHz or 12 KHz. Very tasty choices! These shelves are continuously variable from -10 dB to +10 dB of gain. Of course, the EQ can be completely switched out with the BYPASS switch making it easy to make a choice.

The Limitersare the discrete transistor version of the Manley ELOP® Limiter (same as the Langevin stand-alone version). This type of limiter is superb for vocals and a wide range of instruments from basses and guitars to synths and room mics. When it comes to tracking and fast set-ups, the lack of a multitude of controls is a real feature. You can simply set up the Threshold and Gain controls and expect that the limiter will do the right thing without a lot of tweaking. The Limiters have Threshold and (make-up) Gain controls, a Link switch for stereo and a pair of toggles that switch the VU meters to "Gain Reduction" or "Output Level". These are true stereo limiters without the usual problems of left/right matching common to other stereo opto based limiters.

The back panelhas XLR mic inputs paralleled with 1/4" TRS jacks that feed the mic pre stage. By popular request we have added separate 1/4" TRS micpre outputs which "normal" into the 1/4" TRS limiter inputs so they can be permanently wired into a patchbay. Now there are "Direct Outputs" from the Mic Pre/EQ stage so one can indeed use the micpreamps and the Limiters as 4 separate sections. The main outputs are available as either transformerless balanced XLR or unbalanced 1/4" Tip-Sleeve jacks. The solid 14 lb. 2U chassis is 19" x 3 1/2" x 10" and sports a billet 1/4" thick machined faceplate. All the specs and numbers not mentioned specifically on this page are the same as the two stand-alone Langevin units elsewhere on this website. And don’t forget to check out our website and see the rave reviews this Langevin DVC has scored in al l the magazines, including Electronic Musician’s 2001 Editor’s Choice Award !

Features & Specifications

Dual Mono Mic Preamp with EQ Section:


  • Frequency Response: ±0 dB 10 Hz to 20 KHz
  • S/N Ratio: 103dB
  • Gain: 38 dB to 53 dB (adjustable)
  • Mic Input Impedance: 2400 Ohm
  • DIRECT Input Impedance: 150K UNBALANCED 1/4"
  • Output Impedance: 11 Ohm XLR; 6 Ohm 1/4" output
  • Maximum Output: +31dBv (75 volts peak-to-peak)
  • Input Sensitivity @ 1KHz (45 dB gain setting): 55 mV

    Electro-Optical Limiter Section:


  • ALL-DISCRETE audio path
  • Balanced XLR inputs & outputs
  • Unbalanced 1/4" inputs & outputs
  • Silent conductive plastic INPUT attenuators
  • GAIN REDUCTION controls
  • BYPASS switches
  • Sifam VU METERS
  • Meters switch to read OUTPUT or REDUCTION
  • STEREO LINK switch
  • Gain: -2 dB to 12 dB (adjustable)

    General Info


  • Unit is factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage.
  • Operating Mains Voltage changeable with power transformer changeover switch and fuse value change.
  • Mains Voltage Frequency:Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
    • Langevin Dual Vocal Combo: $2,600

    Technical Notes

    1. Question: My meter lamps burned out. How do I get replacements?

    Older units before serial number LDVCx614 shipped before 5/2004 use:
    12V 75mA Incandescent Flashlight Bulb; Manley's Part Number: LED011A Order these spare bulbs using our parts order form.

    Or go to a local Radio Shackand buy Part Number: 272-1143

    Newest units after serial number LDVCx614 shipped after 5/2004 use yellow LED lighting and those shouldn't burn out.You can get in touch with Paul in our service department and upgrade your older unit to yellow LED lighting for $25 bucks.

    Langevin FAQ

    We frequently get asked a number of questions regarding Langevin, including the proper pronunciation of the name. (the 'g' is soft like in 'gelatin' or 'orange').

    Langevin was one of the original pro audio manufacturers dating back to WWII. In that era there were far fewer audio manufacturers and Langevin gear was very popular and especially respected in the broadcast industry. There were very few recording studios then and most of them relied on Langevin, Altec, Fairchild, and other great brands as well as home-made gear. Early Langevin equipment was vacuum tube based and later became mostly discrete transistor based. Today, you can often find vintage Langevin pieces still in use after all this time.

    Are these the exact same circuits as the vintage pieces?

    The mic preamplifier and EQ borrow some ideas from the old circuits but are not identical at all. We designed new gain blocks to deal with the balanced/unbalanced saga better than they used to in the olden days. And of course, we use new parts! Transistors, pots and most components have become significantly improved over the last 30 years. The limiter is a blend of the old discrete style of Langevin discrete and the also vintage 'LA' series of Levelling Amplifiers. Manley developed a similar opto-based limiter and has used it in the Manley ELOP® Limiter, Langevin ELOP® Limiter, Langevin Dual Vocal Combo, and the VOXBOX® limiter / de-esser section.

    What's the difference between a Manley Pultec or ELOP® Limiter and a Langevin one?

    The Manley units are all-tube while the Langevin units have all-discrete make up gain amplifiers. The EQ or limiting and metering sections are all the same Manley-to-Langevin. Your choice becomes between the sound of discrete transistor cicuitry in the Langevin gear or vacuum tubes with and without transformers in the Manley gear. Different flavours, but all build side-by-side with all high quality parts and reliable construction techniques at the Manley Labs factory. Take an on-line factory tour here!

    Do we support any of the vintage Langevin products?

    Sorry, no. We just bought the name and rights to use any of the old circuits. We didn't build the old stuff and never have had parts or real documentation. The usual experts on vintage gear and restoration are your best bet.


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