Master Piece Linestage (MP-L201)

The Masterpiece Series has in fact been on our internal road map for some years, but was not supposed to be introduced until 2011. However as the number of requests from the market increased, we decided to bring development forward and launch this very special series early. We think it is somewhat fitting for a range of products that are ahead of their time!


The complexity of all the MP products has put our engineering team to the test, as the technology used in the Signature Series needed to be pushed to the extreme, to satisfy our expectations for the new Masterpiece Series.


To reach this level, we had to re-qualify all parts from component level and up. Further more, many new custom made parts were developed, pushing our subcontractors technology to the limit of "possible". All true balanced discrete gainstages in the MP-L201 are based on shielded modules, which incorporates a very high level of integration. Each module is moulded with special damping material, which takes care of both mechanical resonances and stability in temperature. This gives optimal working conditions for the circuitry.


An optional active sub bass crossover is also available. This has been designed to offer full integration with larger speaker systems with active subs, as they very often include a compromised digital amplifier(s)/filter(s). Using this feature, a full suite of our power amplifiers can be used to drive pretty much any speaker systems without any limitations. The external power supply provides both filtering and a very high level of regulation. A total of 24 regulations in the external power supply alone gives a very stable and noise free supply - even before it arrives to the amplifier itself.