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Preos - D

State-of-the-Art MC-phono, an exquisite non-oversampling ladder DAC and classic linelevel inputs - three reference level options in one device: the all new TIDAL Preos-D. It is the successor of the 10 years built classic TIDAL Preos. With its improved legendary state-of-the-art MC-phono part, the unique level control and its ultra resolution line stage we open a new chapter. It offers an unique NOS ladder DAC with 3 digital Inputs without typical Delta/Sigma converting - perfectly integrated into this concept without any compromises. Matching up to the musical analog reproduction was the most important part when we designed the DAC into this machine. True TIDAL performance in convertig digital-to-analog. The other heart of the Preos-D, its extraordinary phono amplification circuit, incl. a phonoboard heating and thermo control, which is an integral part of the overall concept, built to do justice to reference status MC cartridges. The MC phono input is finely adjustable and is meant to be used with the best analog front-ends on the planet, nothing less. Because of its infinitesimally fine resolving power, the Preos-D occupies a quite exceptional position among pre-amplifiers. Prepare for acoustic revelation, since the Preos is built to withdraw maximum information from any system's source. It doesn't do anything but change the volume and select a source. A sonic fingerprint of its own is absent and any loss of fine detail as well.
  • pure discrete designed dual mono reference linelevel / reference phono preamplifier with TIDAL minimal-path-technology
  • minimal amplification stage phono moving coil input RCA, adjustable impedance, constant temperature phono board heating system
  • 2 x dual mono powersupply with toroid transformer for the analog audio part
  • 1 x separate toroid transformer powersupply for the control unit
  • 1 x separate toroid transformer powersupply for the DAC power supply
  • 100.000µF stabilisation capacity, ultra fast response with high-grade-long-life-capacitors
  • filtering and regulation system
  • two-stage EMC-filter
  • unique level adjustment: only 1 high precision resistor in each signalpath for level adjustment. Controlled by an electronically and mechanically isolated motordriven ALPS potentiometer-A/D-converter-unit and 128 reed-relay.
  • remote control for volume, intelligent soft mute and balance
  • 2 pair line inputs RCA (gold plated and teflon isolated), silver wired, pure silver fuses for power-in
  • "smart-loop-in"-function for surround-sound processors with active 1:1 signal forwarding
  • 2 tape outputs RCA
  • 1 pair MC phone input
  • 3 x PCM digital RCA input, optimized for CD reproduction from CD-drives with digital RCA out, perfectly ripped CD's as FLAC or WAV files (also as high resolution files up to 192kHz) from highend music server with digital RCA out
  • 2 pair fully descrete designed balanced TIDAL-outputmodules XLR OUT (left and right, pair 1 and pair 2)
  • remote power management with TIDAL power amplifiers


    • DC-coupled symmetrical Class-A amplifier:
    • voltage gain: 10 dB (line mode) 20 dB (phono mode)
    • bandwith: 1Hz - 350 kHz (-3 dB)
    • distortion: < 0.005%
    • noise: 100 dB (0.5 V output voltage)
    • input impedance: 10 kOhms
    • output impedance: < 40 Ohms
    • DC-coupled symmetrical MC-Class-A amplifier:
    • voltage gain: 55 dB (at 1 kHz)
    • noise: > 80 dB (0.5 mV input voltage)
    • input impedance: 10 - 1.2 kOhms
    • output impedance: 150 Ohms 
    • dimensions: 17.3" x 4,7" x 15,3" / 44 cm x 13 cm x 39 cm
    • weight: 70 lbs. / 32 Kg incl. packaging

Minimal path reference pre amplifier with MC-phono

Isolated NOS-NDS ladder DAC, 3xdigital in

True balanced output, thermo controlled boards

TIDAL ADC level adjustment

44cm x 13cm x 39cm, 33kg

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