CL-38u has high sound quality and design of the whole page SRPP circuit, a multi-function tone control or phono equalizer of the highest quality control amplifier like the vacuum tube audio heyday. It is the control center of the vacuum tube to meet the needs of every listener who loves music exactly.
History of vacuum tube products and Laxman
The Laxman founded in 1925, has a history of more than half a century as a manufacturer of vacuum tube amplifier, we have rolled out the product of the number of people between this. Praised the "Excellence" Some of them do not have less an individual has been working as a machine still active.The CL-38u, know-how of product making backed by history and tradition such as audio brand has been mobilized.

Proof of the high-end, high-quality parts of feelings

The CL-38u, I have adopted abundantly block capacitor, such as transistors and high-quality custom parts of Luxman own. The power cable is included with the JPA-10000 non-twist structure by thick OFC wire. Furthermore, the response to RCA cable having a terminal portion of the larger, was mounted input and output terminals of the wide pitch. Simply because it is vacuum tube amplifier circuit configuration simple, and sticking out the individual parts, we selected only after repeated listening.

Reproduction design of vacuum tube heyday

CL-38u is a vacuum tube amplifier, but according to the state of the art, (CL-38u is an image of the CL-35 announced in 1970) exterior design sought to model range of vacuum tube heyday.The appearance is reprinted product of yesteryear full of nostalgia, but as a result, I have achieved and ease of use as the interior, high-quality sound by shortening of the internal wiring.You can enjoy at the same time and tasteful design traditional, high-performance modern.

Shield chassis structure and wooden box case of tradition
I have adopted the wooden box-shaped case (b) furnace said that the exterior of the CL-38u, also a tradition of 38 series. In addition, in order to correspond to the listening environment of modern high-frequency noise in the flurry of internal chassis, we have built a metal housing of the omni-directional shield. In addition, for example, covered with a one-piece shield case the choke and transformer toroidal power transformer of low leakage flux, in order to turn into a high S / N the signal transmission, we are taking all possible measures.
Tone control function and phono equalizer that fulfilling
Corresponding to the analog record playback full-fledged, CL-38u is equipped with an MC cartridge step-up transformer (a total of four) LR independent / 2 stage gain independence and phono equalizer amplifier circuit. The tone control of expression and TREBLE BASS, and is finely adjustable dynamic sound quality of your choice by the turnover frequency of each of the three stages. In addition, I am also equipped with a convenient mono switch to mono playback and low-cut switch to suppress unwanted vibration of the woofer due to warping of the record.
Adoption of a whole page SRPP circuit configuration
CL-38u adopts (ShuntRegulated Push Pull) SRPP configuration to all phone equalizer unit, tone control section, flat amplifier part.SRPP is a circuit that has many benefits and low distortion, and long life of the vacuum tube (300Ω output impedance) low-impedance output. By luxurious configuration allowed for only preamplifier dedicated chassis that can be installed many vacuum tube, I have made it possible with a clear tone, the exact musical expression a large amount of information.
The CL-38u, aluminum simple remote control is supplied as small.You can without it compromising the delicate atmosphere to immerse yourself in music, is performed without leaving the listening position smooth operation the volume (volume up / down / mute). In addition, various types of signal switching on the main body side is adopted only for an audio relay of long life and high reliability design with excellent durability.
Support long-term reliability and long life, peace of mind
CL-38u is implementing the final performance verification through the aging process of the assembly 48 hours after the completion of the product. The vacuum tube is mounted, as a sign with the performance to withstand the quality of Luxman, You are printing brand logo on each. In addition, because we are circuit design which gave a margin to the operating conditions of the vacuum tube, can be used with confidence over a long period of time. Bloodline policies and Laxman continue to support the product of more than a few decades since its release is flowing to the CL-38u.
put sensitivity / input impedance PHONO (MM): 2mV / 47kohm 
PHONO (MC high): 0.3 mV / 100 ohm 
PHONO (MC low): 0.08MV / 30 ohms 
LINE: 190mV / 50k
Output / Output Impedance Rated 1V / 300Ω maximum 19V
Frequency characteristic PHONO: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (± 0.5dB) 
LINE: 10 Hz ~ 70kHz (+0,-3.0dB)
Total harmonic distortion 0.006% or less (1kHz), 0.06% or less (20Hz ~ 20kHz)
S / N Ratio (IHF-A) PHONO (MM): 68dB or more 
PHONO (MC high): 63dB or more 
PHONO (MC low): 60dB or more 
LINE: 100dB or more
Input Phono (MM / MC high / MC low support) system 1, line 4 systems
Recording input and output Each one line recording output, monitor input
Output 2 system line
Tone control ± 8dB, turnover frequency switching formula 
BASS: 150/300 / 600Hz, TREBLE: 1.5k / 3k / 6kHz
Low-cut 30Hz (-6dB / oct)
Remote control feature Volume up / down, mute
Circuit system SRPP system
Use vacuum tube Three ECC83 ×, 5 this ECC82 ×
Power-supply voltage AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption (Under the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) 30W
External dimensions 400 (width) × 169 (height) × 307 (D) mm 
depth, including front knob 19mm, the 12mm rear terminal
Weight 13.5kg (main body)
Accessories Remote Control (RA-18), power cable (JPA-10000: polarity marked)


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