Proof of the high-end, high-quality parts of feelings
The MQ-88u, I have adopted abundantly block capacitor, such as transistors and high-quality custom parts of Luxman own. The power cable is included with the JPA-10000 non-twist structure by thick OFC wire. Furthermore, the response to RCA cable having a terminal portion of the larger, was mounted input and output terminals of the wide pitch. Simply because it is vacuum tube amplifier circuit configuration simple, and sticking out the individual parts, we selected only after repeated listening.
Reproduction design of vacuum tube heyday
MQ-88u is a vacuum tube amplifier, but according to the state of the art, (MQ-88u is an image of a MQ-60 announced in 1969) exterior design sought to model range of vacuum tube heyday.The appearance is reprinted product of yesteryear full of nostalgia, but as a result, I have achieved and ease of use as the interior, high-quality sound by shortening of the internal wiring.You can enjoy at the same time and tasteful design traditional, high-performance modern.
The 25W output by triode connection of the output tube KT88
The final stage of the circuit MQ-88u, adopt a push-pull configuration to select the selection sphere of Slovakia JJ KT88 manufactured proven to tone with the thickness strong, to achieve low distortion amplification and high power. KT88 is a pentode, but the triode connection dare, I get a tone highly transparent relaxed like a tube amp. Rated output is the output compact design and 25W +25 W (6Ω), but you can enjoy the comfortable feeling of power by the drive force of audible above the spec value of tube amp specific.
Original condenser and OY type output transformer
The vacuum tube amplifier, output transformer plays an important role in dictate the performance and sound quality. The MQ-88u, I reproduce and re-design the original shape OY15 type output transformer die-cast aluminum case into which has been installed in the signature machine of yesteryear. The power-source part, I realized drivability that are supported strongly by aluminum monocoque chassis of high rigidity, tenacious sound quality is excellent by the combination of the original block capacitor and EI type transformer features.
Mullard circuit of the driver stage and the parallel of the first stage
The first stage of the MQ-88u, adopt a parallel connection of the tube obtained higher performance from a single common configuration. By lowering the impedance of the output tells firmly rich music information to the driver circuit as a next stage.And the driver stage for amplifying a high-voltage, compatible with the final stage circuit of a push-pull configuration is good and select the Mullard circuit proven which is mounted on the signature machine of many. By using the configuration again recast traditional, I realized the sound of high purity delicate.
Two inputs of volume via the direct
The MQ-88u, has an input terminal 2 of the system (DIRECT / VARIABLE). Signal is input directly, one is input to the amplifier circuit via the volume of the front to the other. This pin is a convenient way to get the matching and multi-amplifier system that uses more than one MQ-88u, speakers and high efficiency. If the source device is one system, for example, be used to pre-main amplifier basis by connecting directly to the MQ-88u and the CD player is also available.
Continuous effective output 25W +25 W (6Ω), 20W +20 W (8Ω, 4Ω)
Input sensitivity 790mV / 25W (6Ω)
Input impedance 100kΩ
Frequency characteristic 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+0,-1.0 dB) 
10 Hz ~ 65 kHz (+0,-3.0dB)
Total harmonic distortion 0.15% (1kHz / 6ohms / 1W) 
0.5% or less (20Hz ~ 20kHz / 6Ω / 1W)
S / N Ratio (IHF-A) 105dB or more
Input Line (direct / variable) 2 system
Output 1 speaker system output
Circuit system Driver: Mullard circuit, output: triode connection
Use vacuum tube ECC83 × 2 this, ECC82 × 2 this, KT88 × 4 this
Power-supply voltage AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption 280W (under the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law), 150W (no signal)
External dimensions     440 (width) × 184 (height) × 230 (D) mm 
depth, including front knob 17mm, the 28mm rear terminal
Weight 15.8kg (main body)
Accessories Power cable (JPA-10000: polarity marked)

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