Power Block

The Enigma Extreme Signature Power block is based on an ultra effective shielding construction, which is unique. The inner conductors are shielded by a very tick inner casing, where the plugged in power cables are shielded by tick copper tubes. This construction reduces electromagnetic interference to an absolute minimum. The heavy conductors are based on mono-crystal silver and pure silver-gold strands, which are treated with the Kharma Advanced Core Treatment 1.0 (ACT-1.0) and equipped with the Kharma Proprietary Insulation 1.0 (KPI-1.0).


This power block is placed on a Kharma SDSS stand for decoupling from the floor and the conductors are treated with a vibration reducing compound, which reduces structure born and air-born-vibrations to a minimum. This power block has a star-like connection technique and a direct connection to the designated Kharma Enigma Extreme Signature Power cable. 




Minimum length:1.5 m

Standard length:2 m

Options:Also available with IEC Inlet (KPB-EEXS-2a)

Connection types:US, Schuko