Tonarm TA-5000

As always, when we develop a product, we test the conditions for a new product with optimal functionality and then begin in accordance with our development budget. There were no real limitations for the TA-5000 –we could draw on wide resources. The objective was to rethink everything for which an optimal solution did not yet exist on the market.

3 Versionen: 9 Zoll, 10 Zoll und 12 Zoll


The Bearings

Even with this, one supposes there are already enough ball bearings. However, tone arms have a very tricky peculiarity. A tone arm should guide the needle flawlessly and not create any friction – neither horizontally nor vertically. At best, it should not present any bearing clearance or friction. This does not work mutually.
If there is clearance, then there is friction and vice versa. The ball bearing for horizontal and vertical movement
ultra high precision Hybrid bearings made from hard steel and Ceramics. Only the best of what is delivered make it into the TA-5000. These bearings, are then meticulously adjusted and incorporated always from the same experienced specialist. Even here, we attempt to achieve the demand for zero clearance and zero friction. We provide both bearings with a little bit of pre-stress that eliminates clearance and nevertheless maintains extremely low friction. You can´t see all the efforts we make - but you can easily hear it.

The Armtube

The tone arm tube on a tone arm should be as stiff and light as possible and, at the same time, damping. Until now this has been impossible. Either it was stiff and light like carbon but without any damping and with a tendency towards resonances within listening frequency. Aluminum tubes and magnesium die
casting are relatively stiff but heavy and also hardly damping. Or it was made of esoteric mixtures and material combinations which were rumored to have tremendous properties until tested. A true solution
that verifiably combined all the conflicting features did not yet exist. At the TA-5000 we use a combination of Different materials which are bonded with damping elements between the 2 tubes.


The Result

An innovative Armtube concept combined with pretensioned Hybrid bearings ensure that the TA-5000 is a perfect host for any cartridge mounted. The TA-5000 will perfectly guide the cartridge in the groove.




Technical data


TOTAL LENGTH 9 inch     252 mm
10 inch     270,2 mm
12 inch     330,66 mm
ZERO POINTS Inner: 61.0 mm
Outer: 121.0 mm
SIGNALCABLE 1.5m length 6N Copper
OVERHANG 9 inch       15
10 inch     16,2
12 inch    12,56
EFFEKTIVE LENGTH 9 inch       237 mm
10 inch    254 mm
12 inch     318,1 mm
DISTANCE PIVOT TO SPINDLE 9 inch       222 mm
10 inch     237,8 mm
12 inch     295,6 mm
TILT ANGLE 9 inch       22.00 °
10 inch     21,60 °
12 inch     17,30 °
EFFEKTIVE MASS 9 inch      12,4 gr
10 inch     13,1 gr
12 inch     14,4 gr
WEIGHT 9 inch       820 gr
10 inch     830 gr
12 inchl     840 gr
MOUNTING SME Style . Rega as a option