Digital Audio Cables



JPS Labs has always been the best cable to connect anything in audio. Now that we have high resolution digital files to play, the need for the finest digital cables money can buy is imperative if what you seek is true to life reproduction of the original event.

Superconductor Q RCA Digital

Being proven specialists in high frequency containment and shield technology gives JPS an definite advantage when it comes to frequencies well beyond audibility. Our Superconductor series have been known for over 17 years as being the quietist cables out there. The latest designs are now the most refined cables available, offering a very smooth flow of audio information while keeping the signal clean of edginess caused by digital noise artifacts most cables allow to mix with the signal.

superconductor q usb

Superconductor Q USB cable- Beyond DSD

The digital cable is a critical link between the source and the rest of the system. If not optimal then those high performance headphones or audio system may as well be a clock radio. Not only must the cable be capable of conveying a high bit rate signal but also steering noise away from the connected gear. This task is not as easy as saying the cable is shielded-- the most misunderstood feature of cables. Not all shields are created equal.


The Superconductor 3 USB Cable

Ultra Conductor Toslink Optical Digital

Being experts in creating the World's finest shields such as the huge particle aluminum shield on our finest Aluminata Series of cables, JPS owns complete control of noise free signal like no other specialty cable manufacturer.

The Digital AC Cord- Engineered to absorb and isolate all noise created by digital devices

Hear high resolution digital as if you were the mastering engineer sitting in the studio during a live take. Hear music the way nature had intended, in an analog fashion. Listen to everything digital through JPS Labs!

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