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ALUMINATA - The World's Absolute Finest Cable tm


JPS Labs speaker cables based on our unique Alumiloy wire have proven time and again that a great sounding system is highly dependent on how good your cables really are.


Superconductor 3 - Very fine hand-made speaker cables for very good systems


We have spent much time, money and effort to put our speaker cables ahead of the rest by optimizing not only the cable itself, but also EVERYTHING else right down to the solder used, to add that extra few percent to a cable designed to carry the nameSUPERCONDUCTOR.

NEW!!!- Superconductor V Loudspeaker Cable


All of our speaker cables are hand soldered and assembled using only the finest materials and craftsmanship beyond many, to give your system resolving power far beyond any speaker manufacturers expectations (unless they already use our products as part of their R&D in product development). Hundreds of steps later, a pair of cables is born, carrying the JPS Labs name into the future.


The Superconductor Q Biwire - An excellent mid-priced speaker cable- single and biwire versions available!

Every pair is made to order, and like a fine suit, sounds exactly as if it were tailored specifically for you. If you already have tried any of our products, then you understand why JPS is honestly the last word in cable design. 

UltraConductor 2- High-end JPS sound, low-end cost


Please contact one of our expert dealers (for your nearest dealer please contact us here) to find out how our speaker cables can help you have the best sound from your system.

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JPS MAKES THE BEST SET OF 4 JUMPERS AVAILABLE IF YOU NEED TO REPLACE A BI-WIRE WITH A SINGLE PAIR OF CABLES, or to improve upon any loudspeaker with multiple terminal pairs that need to be connected...



Overall length about 6 inches (15 cm), 8 AWG/8.36 mm2. Also see our Aluminata page for the finest jumpers available.

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