The ALUMINATA Series- Our Finest Interconnects!

Aluminata defines a worldwide reference in future cable design...


Like all of our products, our interconnects allow for both great mid and high frequency inner detail and excellent bass performance in a way unlike any other cable you have auditioned.



The Superconductor 3 RCA and XLR interconnect cables- Our second highest model


The Superconductor Q - Very flexible and quiet RCA and XLR cables

We pride ourselves on the ability to invite you into our line of cables with just the simple addition of just one pair of interconnects. This easy change to your system has been proof positive to so many people that what JPS Labs has is well worth the time spent auditioning. Our cables are like nothing else you have never heard.

UltraConductor 2 - Our lowest priced high-performance cable!


If you are about to invest money and time auditioning cables, take a hard look at what we offer.

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