Signature Linestage (SL-102)

The SL-101 replacement has arrived. After spending a very long time developing the new two chassis MP-L201 extreme linestage, it was clear that a serious look at a replacement for the SL-101 was needed.


In the development of the MP-L201, we did not expect that the improvement in performance would be so dramatic, but all the hours of refining, even the smallest of parts, really paid off in an unimaginable way. As a result, the SL-102 is not an upgraded SL-101, it is a brand new design based on the technologies gained through the development of the MP-L201.


From market requests, we introduced an optional phonostage for building directly into the SL-102. This phonostage is based on the well reviewed RP-100, (please refer to the Reference Series on our web site under reviews), however without the battery supply. This phonostage has recently undergone a major redesign and delivers a performance very close to the original RP-100. In the SL-102, we spent many hours implementing the load setting system developed for the MP-P201, as well as adding MM/MC selection to the SL-102 menu system, so the RP-010 is a fully integrated part of the SL-102. As with our other linestages, a full bypass feature has been implemented. This allows external surround processors to take full control of the volume, when used in multichannel systems.