Signature Monoamplifier 101

There was only one way to improve on the incredible performance of the statement SS-101 - give each channel its own separate chassis and dedicated power supply and selected components. Which is exactly what we did and the SM-101 was born. SM-101 is our statement monaural power amplifier.


A completely no-compromise design, this amplifier will take on the very finest products from around the world,

regardless of their cost! Based on the SS-101, each SM-101 uses only the finest matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module.


This combined with a special coupling of each input stage, results in an ultra linear frequency response. The true balanced design, together with the local shunt regulated power supply, ensures excellent signal to noise ratio, making it possible to reveal every micro detail in the recordings. The result is a power amplifier, capable of exposing micro details/dynamics never heard before without compromising the coherence of the recording. As the design is true balanced, all non-balanced signals are converted to true balanced straight at the first input stage.


It is part of the Signature Series. The performance of these products redefines how close to the live event you can get by listening to reproduced music.