Signature Monoamplifier 010

A perfect way to upgrade your SS-010.


Everyone who hears an SS-010 immediately falls in love with it, but for some it does not have enough power for their loudspeaker/room size combination. After many requests we went about addressing this in the form of not one but two new products - the SS-050 and SM-010.

The SM-010 is a perfect way of upgrading your SS-010.

This is done by adding a second SS-010 to the one you have already and having them modified into a full balanced monaural amplifier. The modification itself is

a simple one and can easily be handled by your local dealer.


The added power and true balanced configuration, gets you really close to the SM-101 performance, but in a much smaller chassis. In direct comparison with the SS-010, it adds another level of control, "blackness", inner details and both micro and macro dynamics. Matched with either the SL-010 or SL-102, the SM-010's will give you a musical performance that will thrill you and give you great musical companionship for many years to come.


Choose the SM-010's if you are a current SS-010 owner and want to upgrade, or if the SS-101/SM-101 simply takes up too much space in your listening room. The SM-010 delivers the highest performance in what is a relatively small chassis.