SL-010 (Discontinued)

The SL-010 is an unbalanced version of the legendary Signature Linestage SL-101. Using the same topology as the SL101, it takes full advantage of the ultra linear - all discrete - gainstages developed when the SL-101 was introduced in 2005. This is also true for the relay based volume, which currently is in its 3rd generation. Lastly let's not forget the power supply.


Even though the SL-010 is an unbalanced linestage, primarily designed to drive the SS-010 and SS-050, we also included a true balanced output buffer, driving the one balanced output. With this, it is possible to combine the SL-010 with any of our true balanced power amplifiers like our current SS-101, SM-010 and SM-101.


Based on another request from the market, we introduced an optional phonostage for building directly into the SL-010. This phonostage is based on the well reviewed RP-100, (please refer to the Reference Series on page 9 and our web site under reviews), however without the battery supply. This phonostage has recently undergone a major redesign and delivers a performance very close to the original RP-100. As with our other linestages, a full bypass feature has been implemented. This allows external surround processors to take full control of the volume, when used in multichannel systems.