mbl 6010 D

mbl là một thương hiệu nổi tiểng đến từ nước Đức, trong đó có dòng Preamplifier với rất nhiều các sản phẩm nổi tiếng, giờ đây đã có mặt tại Audio Huylananh và được phân phối khắp thị trường Audio cả nước.

Preamplifier mbl 6010 D

The 6010 D now includes as standard what once were options: double sets of outputs, and the ability to route the selected input to either set. Each output bay includes two pairs of RCA and one pair of XLR jacks. The standard 6010 D includes two CD inputs, two tape loops, and a tuner input, plus slots for the two optional modules. There's also a Processor unity-gain bypass loop, should you wish to easily hook up the 6010 D to a home-theater system.

 Preamplifier mbl 6010 D nhập khẩu chính hãng, tại Hà Nội

The inputs, selectable via one of the large, gold-plated knobs or the remote control, are labeled in an ornate typeface more suitable to a wedding invitation, and lined up in duplicate at the left side of the front panel: Tuner B, Tuner A, Tape 2B, Tape 2A, Opt B, Opt A, etc. Two switches on the front panel select either or both output sets, though of course only one source at a time can be routed to either or both outputs. In addition to the individual input-level trim pots mounted on the case's top, each output has its own pair of trim pots that act as global level and balance controls.


Removing the 6010 D's three top plates revealed a volume of empty space that was surprising, given the preamp's heft. That space isn't necessarily wasted, but permits optimal placement of various components. The power supply, for instance, is in the bottom left rear corner, far away from the input section and thus well away from the actual signal path. It includes separate toroidal power transformers for the analog and control sections, these mechanically and electrically isolated and shielded with mu metal. Tucked into the same corner, far from the signal path, are a mains filter, a high-speed voltage regulator, and other power-supply components, all mounted on a series of circuit boards.

 Preamplifier mbl 6010 D nhập khẩu chính hãng, tại Hà Nội

Volume is indicated by a blue fluorescent display in the center of the front panel. The volume control is a hefty but traditional potentiometer, of high quality and encased in metal, that MBL claims tracks at better than 0.8% accuracy between channels. While good, that spec isn't up to the accuracy of some more technologically advanced volume controls found in preamps of more recent design. The 6010 D's product description doesn't say how the inputs are switched.


The dual-mono input module, tucked under the top plate and soldered directly to the chassis-mounted input jacks to keep signal paths short, contains all input-stage electronics. The CD inputs are direct-coupled, as is the 6010 D's output, which means that there are no capacitors in either of the CD-input signal paths. Because the product description specifies direct coupling of only the CD inputs, it's safe to assume—and the 6010 D's published specs confirm—that the tuner and tape-monitor inputs are capacitor-coupled. Theoretically, the best sound should be obtained through the CD inputs, whose claimed frequency range is an astonishing DC–1MHz.


The 6010 D's three level controls did not create a deficit of transparency or detail, nor did they add audible noise. The MBL sounded very quiet, transparent, and dynamic—perhaps the quietest, most pristine-sounding preamp I've heard. It did a commendable job of resolving subtle, low-level microdynamic shifts, and it let flow the big macrodynamic gestures that help make good recordings approach the sound of live music. Its transient attacks were fast and clean without being so sharp or etched as to overwhelm the sustain. And the 6010 D's superbly low noise floor let the decays of the sounds of musical instruments convincingly develop and fade. The very best tube preamps better flesh out the sustain and decay, but they don't quite measure up in the attack department.



Inputs: single-ended RCA jacks × 6, balanced XLR jack × 1.
Output group 1: single-ended RCA jacks × 6, balanced XLR jack × 1
Output group 2: single-ended RCA jacks× 2, balanced XLR jack × 1.
Frequency response: CD: DC-1.0MHz
High level: DC-600KHz.
MM/MC cartridge:20Hz-200KHz.
Output impedance: 100Ω.
Noise distortion <0.0006%.
Signal to noise: CD: 103dB
High level:102dB.
Input sensitivity: High level: 315MV.
Input impedance: CD: 3.3KΩ
High level: 47KΩ.
Channel separation:90 dB (CD).
Power consumption: 25VA.
Dimensions (WHD): 530 × 240 × 360 mm.
Weight: 35 kg.